Monday, September 20, 2010

Seeking a Marketing Consultant

The Divorce Center is a Massachusetts non-profit that educates and connects the public and professionals who specialize in Divorce resources (attorneys, financial planners, mediators, therapists, etc.). We are looking for help in reaching the public with our message, and of the highest priority in doing this is increasing attendance at our public education seminars (which to date have primarily been marketed via word-of-mouth and brochures through our membership). We believe that attendance could be increased by advertising in traditional and social media resources (which we could use professional expertise to connect with) and by increasing our online content resources.

We are hoping to find a part-time consultant to work with us on (and who has experience in) the following:

1. Developing an organizational strategy for involving membership in production of content (articles, presentations, etc.)

2. Developing (and assisting in the execution of) direct marketing of seminars.

3. Developing (and assisting in the execution of) advertising of seminars both through social media (twitter, facebook, linkedIn) and traditional media (local community resources, newspapers, etc.)

Ideally we would find someone who has experience with non-profit organizations and with our niche market (divorcing or potentially divorcing clients).

We are looking for proposals for a six-month part-time partnership, with the possibility of further work depending on results.

Please forward this to any contacts you may have that might be interested in this position or feel free to let us know the names of any people or resources that you believe could assist us in finding the right candidate.

Candidates can contact us at (888) 434-8787 or

Thank you for your time.

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